Lift Maintenance & Servicing

Just as with any piece of mechanical equipment, regular servicing will ensure that your lift lasts longer and performs more reliably; minimising potential downtime, disruption and unexpected costs.

And just as you don’t need to take your car into a main dealer to have it serviced correctly and safely, you have a choice over who services and keeps your lift in good working order. At EZE Lifts we provide independent lift servicing for all makes and types of lifts, bringing our long experience into play, whatever equipment we are maintaining.

We can take away the worry, stress and strain of managing the lifts in your building through our pro-active lift maintenance and servicing programs. Choose from our “Pay As You Go” economy service or opt for our “Comprehensive Service” contract. All our lift maintenance programs have a written service level agreement and you are ensured a prompt response to any lift breakdown. A free initial site survey will determine the level of service we are able to offer you based on your needs and the condition of your equipment.

Our regular servicing will check all wear and safety items, recording the condition of components and informing you of any areas for concern. We will obtain replacement parts to the correct specification of your installation and fit them to the same high standards of workmanship and care as you would expect from a manufacturer’s servicing team. Our independence enables us to source parts from a variety of cost effective sources, and provide you with great value for money.




Regular inspections
Free lubrication & consumables
Priority response
Engineer’s travel
Labour during normal working hours
Inspections outside 9:00am to 5:00pm
*Some major parts are excluded from contract

Contract Levels

Pay-As-You-Go Contract

As the name suggests this is our most economical contract. You only pay for work as it’s done. It includes all the regular service visits to ensure your lift is well maintained and safe and you still have the peace of mind from our breakdown cover with a guaranteed 24 hour response.

Extended Contract

IIn addition to the coverage provided by the PAYG contract, the Extended Contract also includes the initial fee for any emergency call outs during normal working hours. So unless something major goes wrong, you’re covered.

Comprehensive Contract

This is our top of the range contract, It covers the routine servicing, emergency call outs and most spare parts, all for one fixed fee. You can relax, your lifts will become our problem not yours.