Private flats with an unreliable Lift

The 30 year old door equipment was continually causing lift failures and replacement parts had become obsolescent. Working with the Managing Agents we successfully got Section 20 approval from the tenants to replace the lift doors and improve the car interior appearance.

Lift Door Operation
Lift Door Operation
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What We Did

We replaced the door equipment in its entirety with modern VVVF controlled technology in a satin stainless-steel finish. The car interior was replaced to smoked mirrors, back painted glass, aluminium cheque mate flooring with all trims finished in satin stainless steel and enhanced automatic door protection, LED lighting and LED call button acceptance in a new car operating station.


Lift Ceiling
Lift Landing Door
Lift Door Operation
Lift Flooring
Lift Interior
Lift COP
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A dramatic improvement in reliability and appearance and for the freeholders, a huge improvement in a selling point for their properties.

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The staff at EZE Lifts are always very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

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